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How It Works for Peoples?

Electronics Industry Search System.

Peoples can find a companies for free by searching for key categories - tags. Search Tags separate companies by areas of the electronics industry. The search system is additionally equipped with filters by countries and region. Search results are displayed as a list or on a map, according to the selected filters.

Services, Vacancies and Equipment.

Each electronics company from the search has a personal contact page, which also contains the company's vacancies in the electronics industry and the electronics manufactory equipment that the company wants to sell. Customers have the opportunity to search for equipment and vacancies in separate search engines.

Direct connect with EMS Manufactory.

Peoples have the opportunity to directly connect with companies PCB Boards Fabrication, PCB Assembly, PCB soldering equipment and materials suppliers, Wire Harness Manufacturing, Connectors and Components Manufacturers. Also Prototyping Electronics, and any other related suppliers.

How It Works for Companies?

Registration of Electronics Company in the System.

Every company from the Electronic industry willing to be included in the search system must register. In the company's account, it is necessary to configure the provided services by selecting Search Tags and filling in the required fields. The company can also publish job vacancies posts and own industrial equipment for sale.

Ranking of Companies in Search results.

Every new registered company that is directly related to the electronics industry has a registration date. By registration date, ranking occurs according to the selected Search Tags and location. Very simple and easy! Customers can easily find an electronics manufacturing service provider in their desired location.

Opportunity for Growth in Electronics Industry.

Vacancies will allow you to find a suitable candidate. The ability to sell unused electronics manufacturing equipment will also free up space on site and save resources. In addition, the SMT-INDUSTRY.COM website is constantly improving and promoting companies from search listing in other social media!


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