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Tags are descriptions of your services. These are keywords by which campaigns will be selected for display in search results along with location tags based on user queries. At any time, you can change the selection of tags without additional financial investments.


Tag: Prototyping Electronics

Description: Production of initial product samples. Usually, these are small batches. Prototyping of printed circuit boards, wire harnesses, and enclosures is an integral part of the electronics development process. Prototyping provides an understanding and a general vision of development, identifies issues, and reveals deficiencies in the developed products.


Tag: PCB Boards Fabrication

Description: Manufacturing base plates for electronics. This can be fiberglass, ceramics, aluminum, flexible bases, etc. Electronic components are later soldering on these boards in the further production processes.


Tag: PCB Assembly Services

Description: Surface Mount Technology SMT and DIP/THT mounting - Assembly of printed circuit boards. The process of installing electronic components on the base PCB boards, soldering, washing, testing, programming, testing of products. This tag includes various types of soldering – manual soldering, wave soldering, soldering in a nitrogen environment, reflow soldering in a convection oven.


Tag: Wire Harness Manufacturing

Description: Wire harness manufacturing is an integral part of electronics production. This service includes the production of stands, measuring lengths, wire stripping, tinning, crimping wires for contact outputs, insulation, testing.


Tag: PCBs Moisture Protection Coatings

Description: Moisture protection coatings are applied to electronic products to prevent oxidation of components and printed circuit boards operating in humid, warm, dusty, and other conditions that can lead electronic products to fail quickly.

 Tag: Connectors and Sockets Manufacturing

Description: Connectors are necessary for communications between various electronic products and within electronic products. By choosing this tag, you will be seen as a connector manufacturer.


Tag: Electronic Components Manufacturing

Description: This Tag includes the production of any types of components (except connectors)that are mounted in any way on electronic printed circuit boards. These are components of any type and purpose - resistors, capacitors, varistors, inductors, power supply, transformators, diodes, microcircuits, etc. In all types of cases.


Tag: Electronics Enclosure Manufacturing

Description: Enclosures are necessary for both prototypes and serial products. They can be produced by any method from 3D printing to stamping. By choosing this tag, you will show users that you can manufacture enclosures for their products.


Tag: Electronics and Software Development

Description: This tag includes the full cycle of electronics development, including writing both lower and upper-level software, testing, making changes, and improvements.


Tag: Electronics PCB Repair Service

Description: Companies of any type, including official dealers and vendors, are engaged in electronics repair. This tag will help users find your company. Electronics repair is ensured by the availability of the necessary equipment for analyzing malfunctions, correcting defects, testing after repair, and restoring moisture protection if necessary.


Tag: Cleaning Liquids for Electronics

Description: To ensure production cycles for cleaning printed circuit boards, spaces, furniture, including ESD, cleaning liquids are needed, and if your company produces and supplies them, then feel free to choose this tag.


Tag: Soldering Fluxes for Electronics

Description: Electronics manufactories requires soldering fluxes for soldering processes. Select this tag if your campaign produces soldering fluxes.


Tag: Solder Wires, Bars, Alloys for Soldering 

Description: Electronics manufactories require soldering alloys for soldering Electronics -soldering wires, soldering bars, soldering pastes. Select this tag if yourcampaign produces soldering alloys.


Tag: Adhesives, Solvents, Compounds

Description: Electronics production requires accompanying adhesives, solvents, compounds. Select this tag if your campaign produces these products.


Tag: ESD Service and Professional Equipment

Description: Companies providing ESD services and equipment for providing ESD protection can select this tag.


Tag: Electronics Manufactory Equipment

Description: Companies that create equipment for the production of electronics, Pick and Place machines, stands, measuring equipment, ESD equipment, soldering equipment, mixers, ovens, cleaning equipment and other equally important equipment.


Tag: Clean Rooms for Electronics

Description: Modern electronics production and printed circuit board assembly require ideal cleanliness, and the construction of clean rooms according to all electronics industry standards requires great professionalism and knowledge.

Tag: Analytics and Consulting

Description: Ensuring high-quality production operations and processes depends on professional knowledge, proper provision of technology and equipment. Analytical and consulting services for Electronics Manufactory Service will help new companies.


Tag: IPC Training and Certification

Description: IPC standards in electronics production and the availability of certificates for workers allow us to raise product quality to a new level. This tag brings together companies providing IPC certification services.


Tag: Professional education

Description: Vocational education in educational institutions - Colleges or Universities.

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