About SMT-Industry


We are here to welcome you! 

Thanks for reading about the SMT Industry Search System. 

The owner of the website is Express-24 LLC Florida. When developing the search system, all the rich experience in the field of electronics production was taken into account. The site takes into account all possible service providers by category - search tags, the ability to publish vacancies and equipment, including used equipment. 

The main purpose of the Electronic Industry Search System is the ability to search for key companies in the electronics production field using a filter by industry activity and location. This is very important because there are a large number of companies that few people know about. This is an excellent platform to present your company, services, and job offers. 

The first iteration of the website allows any company in the World to register.

Existing Search Tags in the Search Engine already allow you to find developers of electronics and printed circuit boards, ordering PCBs, and electronics housings, boxes, Find Equipment suppliers for your enterprise. And much more, necessary for production every day.


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